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Settings I'd like to roleplay

Here are some more unusual, "unreal", "hardcore" settings. Yes, I'd like to roleplay such settings as well. In general I prefer "normal" birth settings - painful, difficult births of course. But close to what could really happen in a real delivery room. But on the other hand, why not try some "unreal" fantasy-births? There are a few boundaries, of course: No cruel things - that is, no death, butchery and such things. And only humans please - human mother, human baby. No animals, no aliens...

Be warned: Some of these settings might seem sadistic, and/or very unreal, so if you don't like this stuff don't read further but go back and chose one of the other settings.

So here are some ideas for settings I would like to roleplay. If you have some more ideas just email me or contact me on Yahoo Messernger (onthebirthingtable).

I am your prisoner, for whatever reason. And you like to make me suffer. So one day you make me pregnant, and then you see to it that I have the birth from hell...

Maybe you are my doctor, or maybe you get a doctor while you are watching the birth.

What do you do (or make the doctor do) to make the birth even more difficult? No painkillers, of course, nothing at all to make it easier for me. Maybe you (have the doctor) use the forceps, although they are not necessary? Maybe the baby is stuck, but you let me push and push and push before you/the doctor help me? Maybe you make me push the baby out although I am not fully dilated?

Would you likeroleplay this? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

Somehow and for some reason you delay the birth. You make me stay pregnant for 10, 11, 12... months. The baby is growing and growing, getting bigger every day. Then, one day, at last you let me give birth - and I have to push out a huge baby...


Would you likeroleplay this? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

You do experiments with pregnant and birthing women. Maybe you make me pregnant again and again. Some ideas:

  • You found a way to speed up the pregnancy. So the pregnancies last only a few days, then I have to give birth, before you make me pregnant again. The birth of course is long...
  • Maybe you try new obstetrical instruments and birthing techniques. And you use me to try them...
  • Maybe you want to see how much pain a woman can stand during a birth. So you find ways to make the births more and more difficult...
  • Or maybe you are a student and want to practice obstetrics. And you put me on the delivery table again and again to practice your skills - a normal birth, a vacuum birth, a forceps birth, a breech birth, a twin birth... And all the other complications that could arise in the delivery room. And once the ordeal is over, you make me pregnant again, so you can practice the next thing...
  • What about a virgin birth? Somehow you got me pregnant, but I am still a virgin... Can you imagine how much it must hurt: Being a virgin, but having to go through childbirth?


Would you likeroleplay this? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!
How about a bad mother-in-law as a midwife? For some reason she hates me, and then, when it's time for the birth, she is my midwife... Oh yes, she will see to it that I will suffer as much as possible on the birthing table! Would you likeroleplay this? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!
"Larry walked around the two birthing tables, examining the straps wrapped around Alice's and Lora's wrists, their thin arms outstretched above their heads. The naked girls moaned softly, their bodies gleaming with sweat, their young bellies large and contorting with contractions. Their legs were outspread and bent at the knee, bright examination lights shining onto their bare pussies. Larry smiled when the moment of birthing arrived. The naked girls started writhing, struggling within their bonds as they began to push their babies out. Their cunts were stretched, bulging. The birthing tables were shaking as they began to thrash around. Doctors were standing between their open legs, yelling at them to push, to push harder, to keep pushing. The girls arched their backs, screaming in agony while they were trying to push their babies further down. Larry enjoyed this immensely. Lora couldn't stop screaming, and tears were running down Alice's face. He saw one of the doctors frown. Good, it would be a difficult birth. Larry loved to see them writhing and screaming on the birthing table. Pushing for hours. He loved to hear their screams of pain, to see their swollen pussies bulging with the babies' head. An earpiercing scream echoed through the room as Lora began to push the head out. Orderlies in green scrubs held her down onto the table, but still her back arched as the head came through. Alice was watching in shock - yes, now the doctor was telling her that her delivery would be even more difficult. More and more tears were running down her face as she watched Lora pushing the shoulders out. Soon her body, too, would be wracked in pain. Larry's eyes turned away from the first delivery table as, with another ear-piercing scream, Lora had at last managed to push her baby out. He turned towards Alice on the second birthing table. She was rigid with fear, but started to scream again with the next contraction. Oh yes, for her the birth would be much more difficult. Larry grinned, enjoying watching the girl on the birthing table. ..." I love this setting... Would you like me to be Alice on the second birthing table? Would you like to be Larry, watching me during this agony, telling the doctor what to do maybe to make it even more painful? Would you like to be Larry telling me what you see while I am screaming and pushing on the birthing table? Or would you like to be the doctor between my legs who delivers the baby? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!
I'd also like this... My OB/GYN has a young daughter who just has her first boyfriend. He doesn't want his daughter to get pregnant, so he thinks of a very unique form of birth control: he wants her to watch a birth and see how painful it is... He choses me, and when it is time and I am on the delivery table, he tries to make it very painful. He WANTS me to scream in pain and to thrash around, while his daughter is watching, horrified of what is happening in the delivery room. And all the time he explains to his daughter what is happening know - and HOW much that will hurt... Would you likeroleplay this? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!
I live in a very religious community. It is a very bad sin to become pregnant before being married. If that happens, the community sees to it that you have a terrifying and horrible birth experience so you would never become pregnant again until you are married! They have several ways to make the birth very difficult and painful. And maybe, when the young unmarried woman is on the delivery table, many people from the community watch their ordeal.
Maybe they let other young unmarried women watch it, too, so they would never dare to become pregnant before marrying! And during the birth, a doctor explains to them HOW MUCH it hurts and why and how much more it will hurt now, of course the birthing women hears all this too...
How about I live in such a community, I am not married, and now I am pregnant... Would you like to be the doctor who has to make the birth as horrible as possible for me?
Would you like to be the doctor who has to make the birth as horrible as possible for me? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!
A very quiet day on the delivery ward. A VERY quiet day. I am the only patient. I am in labour. The medical personnel is bored. They have nothing to do. But there is ONE patient. So they all get busy with this patient.
Lots and lots of unnecessary exams and procedures. In the delivery room, all doctors, midwifes, orderlies and nurses are present because they are so bored. They all help with the birth. And because there is no other patient who will be in the delivery room soon, they make the birth even longer and more painful than necessary. So they all have something to do... And maybe they try a few things that are not necessary. They pretend to get my baby out, but actually they try to leave it in there as long as possible to have a good excuse to do some more procedures, apply the vacuum again, the forceps again... When the head is out, they pretend that the shoulders are stuck... They let me push for hours, all the time keeping my baby inside...
Would you like to be theone of the doctors in this setting? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!
My husband knows that I cheated on him and that the baby I carry is not his. So he decides to punish me and finds a doctor who is willing to make the birth as difficult and painful as possible for me. So while I am screaming on the delivery table, my husband watches every single detail and enjoys it more and more the more I scream in pain.
Would you like to be the doctor my husband has chosen for me? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!
My doctor knows that the delivery will be very difficult. He decides that a whole class of students should watch the birth. So the birth takes place at the university, in a big room. There is a high stage where the doctor builds a makeshift delivery room with an old-fashioned delivery table and all the necessary instruments. When the birth begins, the room is full with students sitting in front of the stage watching every single detail of the birth. Maybe there is a camera looking right between my legs and showing the birth opening on a big monitor. Maybe there is also another camera showing the pain in my face.
Maybe the doctor does all the procedures really slow so the students can watch every little detail. He inserts the forceps in slowmotion, and when they are in he shows the students every details, explaining how they are aligned, and what he is going to do now...
Would you like to be the doctorwho shows the students me giving birth? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!
Some people are making a film for teenagers to teach them not to get pregnant. They not only want to explain condoms and other things, they also want to show how painful it is to give birth. For some reason I am chosen to be the birth mother in this film. So when I am wheeled into the delivery room, there is not only the medical team, but also the film team there watching everything. They film every little detail, they show everything that happens between my legs - the birth opening, the painful procedures the doctor has to do, when the big head begins to squeeze out of me. They also show the pain in my face, and they record all my screaming.
Of course this birth must be as painful and terrible as possible for the film. So there are no painkillers at all, and maybe the doctor even makes it more painful than it would have to be. Maybe he uses forceps or vacuum to show these young teenagers what could happen on the birthing table.
Or maybe they even chose me because I expect twins or triplets. So for the first birth they could show the "normal" obstetric procedures - how deep the doctor has to go inside me to examine me and later to pull the child out. For the second one they chose a vacuum birth. For the third one the forceps. Or even other methods to get the baby out of me.
Would you like to be the doctor in this film? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!
I am a virgin and became pregnant by artificial in vitro fertilization. During the first exam by my OBGYN I get a very small taste of what it is like to have something pushed into my narrow birth opening. Do I already have an idea what it will feel like to push the huge baby out of it?
I am sure that on the delivery table I will soon know...
Would you like to be the doctor when I give birth as a virgin? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

I am in a prison. The doctors in the prison's hospital treat all women - convicted or not - very badly. When a pregnant women is brought into the hospital to deliver her baby, she is brought in handcuffed and is then handcuffed to the delivery table. A male guard stands at her feet, watching her, still handcuffed, in the throes of childbirth.
Maybe the male guard even enjoys seeing her suffer, and he tells the doctor to make the ordeal of giving birth even longer and more difficult...

Would you like to be the hospital doctor? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

My husband is a veterinary surgeon or a farmer. He often helps cows or other big animals give birth. He has all the necessary equipment, all the dangerous-looking, big birth instruments. One day there is lots of snow, it is impossible to leave the house/farm. Suddenly my contractions begin. No doctor or midwife can come here, and we cannot go to the hospital. So my husband has to do the delivery! The birth is very difficult, there are complications. Suddenly my husband puts on his shoulder-length gloves, the ones he uses to delivery calves. And then he gets all his big obstetric instruments and starts doing the birth like he always does in the stables...

Would you like to be the veterinary surgeon/farmer who is used to much bigger birth canals? Would you like to put on your long obstetric gloves and your plastic apron, step between my legs and use all these dangerous-looking (and very painful!) obstetric instruments on me? You have to get the baby out, no matter how much it hurts me! Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

The doctor looked at Jim."Never ceases to amaze me how far these vaginas have to stretch during childbirth. No wonder they are screaming as if they were being killed. Good thing I will never have to be on the delivery table!" - "Do you know what Bob wants to do?" - "Yes, he told me. He asked me to help him, and if it would be possible to slide a balloon inside his wife, lube everything up, inflate the balloon to baby size, then induce artificial labor with an oxytocin drip. Which causes much more painful contractions than a normal delivery." - "He wants to make it as painful as possible." - "I know. He wants her to experience how much torture childbirth is." The doctor winced. "Oh jeeze, will she find ever out." He grinned. "Her uterus hasn't spent nine months getting ready for it. They're going to be at it for hours. She will be pushing and pushing and pushing and screaming and pushing some more." Jim could not let the chance go by. "Do you think I could watch? And maybe my wife too?" he murmured, a twinkle in his eyes. "I want to see her screaming her head off, thrashing around on the delivery table." - "Sounds like a good plan!" the doctor grinnned. "She will never get pregnant after that excrutiating delivery." - "That's what Bob wants. He doesn't want any children. So what do you think about it?" - "Let's go and tell her she's got a doctor's appointment tomorrow..."

Do you like this idea? Do you want to be the doctor in this very painful delivery? Imagine all the men in the room who are watching screaming "Look how much she is stretched already! I can't believe this! Does it hurt, baby? Oh yes, push! Push more! You will have to open up even more to push the huge head out!" Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

When I get pregnent, my husband, my mother-in-law or somebody else starts telling me how much childbirth hurts. He or she shows me pictures of women screaming on the delivery table. Makes me watch a video of a very painful birth, afterwards I still hear the birthing woman's screams in my dreams. I am so afraid of childbirth, and it gets worse every day. This goes on for 9 months. Everybody tells me how much I will have to suffer. I am frightened, I am so scared! I don't want to go into the delivery room. But they all tell me again and again that I will have to! I, too, will have to push the baby out!
When the birth begins, I am so tense and frightened, all my muscles are tense, that the birth is even much more difficult and painful than expected. The doctor needs all his obstetric skill to get the baby out of my tensed body. I am screaming and pushing for hours - this is even worse than my nightmares!

Imagine I come into your delivery room, very scared and frightened, I refuse to get on the delivery table. I am trembling. You show me your big hands. And I know that very soon they will make me suffer! "This will hurt a lot, but you have to push now!" you might say. Or: "Stop screaming! This is just the beginning. Can you imagine how much it hurts when you have to push the big head out? Nurse, give me the scissors, I think I will need to cut her. Or do you want to tear?" Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!
One of the orderlies has to deliver my baby, because for some reason the doctor is not there. It is a very difficult birth. The orderly has seen all of the procedures the doctor does during a delivery, of course he has never done them himself. But now he has to... Pushing his hands inside me, he is very clumsy. Maybe he uses the vacuum extractor. Or he clumsily starts to push the forceps into me... Would you like to be this orderly? Maybe you have dreamed of doing a birth yourself for many years. And now there is the opportunity... Now YOU can do all the things the doctor usually does that make the women scream their heads off.. Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!
My husband always gives lots of money to charities. Now I am pregnant, and he has a great idea. He puts the birth up for auction or sells it.
a) The highest bidder will be allowed to do the delivery. And of course, the poor woman is unlucky, and a guy with a like for sadism or even torture will deliver her. He has big, antique, old delivery instruments - and he will use them during the delivery...
b) Everybody who pays money will be allowed to watch the birth. Of course, all these people want a very painful and spectacular delivery. So that's what the guy gives them: his wife screaming and sweating and pushing while the doctor is working between her legs, using all kinds of instrument to get the baby out, pretending that the birth is much more difficult than it actually is...
If you would like to doctor who stands between my legs and makes this birth torture for me. email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

The contractions are getting stronger and stronger, we are still in the car. Traffic jam! I give up trying to breathe and begin to push. My husband tears off my skirt and underpants and puts my legs on the dashboard. "Open wide!" he says. "Only a few more minutes to the hospital! But it might be too late for the delivery room!"
Suddenly I notice that all the workers from the construction site and many passengers from the other cars are watching. "Yes, make her push! Push it out, baby! PUSH!" somebody is screaming. "They had to tie my wife to the table when she was giving birth! The pain was excrutiating!" one of the workers shouts. "Oh, it will get much worse!" a woman grins. "You will have to do this for many hours! You will be hoarse tomorrow from screaming so much!"
I scream and push and scream some more. My husband keeps yelling at me to stop screaming. More and more people are watching.
What will happen now?
a) The traffic jam is so bad that we don't make it to the hospital. I have to give birth there and then. I'm screaming and screaming. One of the construction workers, a big guy with strong arms and big hands, starts delivering the baby while all the other people are watching and shouting.
b) We make it to the hospital. But all the onlookers are following us. Right into the delivery room. They keep shouting and making comments... Or maybe it's too late for the delivery room, the obstetrical team is called downstairs, and everybody in the hall watches the birth, too... They make obscene comments as the doctor is doing a really rough exam without any warning. "Open your legs!" they shout. "Push the sucker out! Oh yes, you will scream! The pain will be so intense! PUSH!" I push and scream and push and scream. Then they put the sterile sheets on me, and the crowd knows that it's time. "Yes, the head will be coming any moment now... We need to hold her down! Come on, help me! Hold her down! And you - PUSH! Push the head out! Don't worry, we're holding you down if the pain gets too much!"

What do you think about this setting? Would you like to deliver my baby while all these people are watching and shouting?Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!
3 women in labor arrive at the hospital at the same time. But the birthing ward is so busy that no doctor or midwife has time for them. One of the woman is accompanied by her husband. The nurses send all women and the husband into one delivery room, where the husband (or maybe an inexperienced orderly or nurse) then has to deliver all three babies - while the other labouring women are watching... I am the last one to deliver, so I see all the other women scream in pain. After I have seen the clumsy replacement-obstetrician hurt the other women so badly, I am so frightened when it's finally time for me to push! Do you want to be the clumsy husband, orderly or nurse delivering my baby in this roleplay? Send me an email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

Any other ideas and thoughts? Why not post them in the forum?  Or send them via mail to me? In the forum you will also find many other people interested in our fetish. The URL and my email address are on my contact page.