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Settings I'd like to roleplay

Here are some settings I'd like to roleplay. Of course there are many others... Any ideas? Email me!

It's time for the birth! After hours and hours of labour, the nurses now prepare me for the delivery room.

See my face? Oh, the pain! But the nurses know that it will be much worse in the delivery room... They know it will be unbearable... Do I know that as well?

Maybe I hope that it is over soon. But the nurses know, I will suffer for many hours in the delivery room. Many painful hours. That's why they strap me. They know I will thrash around on the birthing table...

Maybe I scream: "No! I don't want to do this!" But the nurses are firm. "There is no way out now! You will have to do this now! A painful, long birth... The doctor is already waiting in the delivery room... So let's bring her there now."

A birth attendant is there too. He knows that soon he will have to hold me down on the birthing table...

How much longer till you tell me: "Push now!"?

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Oh yes, there is no way out when I am finally lying on the birthing table! Ooooh, it hurts so much! I scream! I want to run away! But a birth helper is holding me down. Screaming for his colleagues to come and help him.

"No painkillers!" you tell me. "You have to do the birth without painkillers. And now stop screaming and PUSH!"

See, my arms are strapped. Did you strap my legs to the stirrups too? Soon the delivery room will be full of people holding me down on the birthing table, ignoring my screams.

Did you tell me before how painful the birth will be?

What did you just say or do that made me scream so much? Maybe you said: "Nurse, give me the forceps, the big ones!" Or I heard the midwife say: "Oh, this baby is very big... She will tear when she pushes it out! I've never seen such a big baby!"

I scream and I scream and I scream... But you just ignore it. You know and you don't care how much it hurts when I am lying on your birthing table!

Do you think I will suffer this much on your birthing table? Would you like to try this setting? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

"Have you ever seen such a difficult birth?"
"No, never... She will push for hours!"
"Do you think we should cut her?"
"Maybe we should... She will tear anyway. The baby is huge!"
"I don't think we will get this baby out..."
"We have to. A Caesarean is impossible."
"Maybe we need forceps?"
"We'd better use the vacuum extractor..."
"Let's try both. Vacuum extractor first, then forceps..."
"Ask the orderlies to bind her down. The pain will be unbearable."
"She is already screaming."
"Yes, she's feeling the big baby inside her."
"And maybe she realizes how much it will hurt when she has to push it out..."
"She's screaming for painkillers."
"Painkillers? Hahahaha!"
"Her contractions are getting stronger. She is fully dilated."
"Okay, so let's begin delivering her. Joe and Tom, you hold her legs. Bob and Mike, you hold her down on the birthing table. Doctor Mark, you will assist me. Joe, open her legs wider, both Doctor Mark and I have to work between her legs. I'll try and open her wider, while you push the vacuum in, Doctor Mark. And then we try and pull the baby out... Doctor Andy, you and the midwife press down hard on her belly. Try to push the baby down to help us while we are pulling. And if the vacuum doesn't work, then we have to try the forceps... Nurse, prepare several vacuum, and also the forceps... The big models, please. And also the rotating forceps. We may have to rotate the baby inside her. Could someone tell her to stop screaming?"
"And bind her legs! She's already starting to kick around!"
"So, do we cut her or do we let her tear?"
"Let's get this vacuum inside her first... Okay, Anne, it's time for the pushing now. Push hard! PUSH!!!"

Would you like to be one of the doctors in this setting? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

See how many people will have to hold me down when I am on the birthing table?

The midwife knows: The birth is happening soon, so she asked a nurse to get the birth doctor.

The nurses and midwifes have seen so many births, they just ignore my screams. They know that the pain on the birthing table is bigger than anything I had imagined before, they know that I will cry and scream and thrash around. They don't care: They simply hold me down, tell me to push, tell me to do everything the doctor says. "Yes, a birth is big pain!" they tell me. "But the pain will be even bigger when the big head comes through! Now be a good girl and push... PUSH!"

How strong the birth attendant looks... Yes, you know that you will need him to hold me down with all his might while you are working between my legs...

You are used to the screams in the delivery room.

What happens when you come in? What does the midwife tell you? "This is an easy birth, but she screams because she can't stand the pain! Such a whimp!" Or maybe: "Doctor, the birth will be difficult. The baby is lying the wrong way, you have to turn it..." Or: "The baby is big, doctor. She will have to push for hours!"

What do you do when you come in? You put on your gloves, you step between my legs, and then...

Do you want to be the birth doctor who comes in now and steps between my legs? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

I've been pushing for hours. Screaming, sweating, crying, working hard, pushing with all my might.

But still you can't get the baby out...

What is wrong? Is the baby lying the wrong way round? Is it too big? Is it stuck?

Deep you push your hand inside me... Deeper and deeper... Probing, trying to find out what's wrong. I'm screaming - yes, you know that hurts, but you say: "This is necessary! I have to go in even deeper..."

I scream for painkillers. You laugh. "Painkillers?! For a birth?!"

How many more hours will I be on this birthing table? What do you have to do to get the baby out of me? How much longer will I have to suffer? Which procedures will I have to endure?

Do you manage to finish the birth alone? Or do you need a colleague to help you?

What is wrong? What can you do do birth the baby?

And how will it feel for me? Will the pain be even bigger? It is already unbearable! All the labouring women in the delivery ward hear my screams. They are frightened... So frightened!

Will my screams be even louder?

What do you do next?

Do you want to try this difficult birth? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!


The midwife comes in. "Time for the pushing now! The doctor will be here any minute now..."

I am frightened when I see her. She seems so unfriendly. Her eyes tell me how difficult and painful the next hours will be. I feel the cold plastic apron on my skin as she steps between my legs to check my dilation once again.

And the long gloves... What are the long gloves for? Are you wearing such long gloves too? They scare me! I want to jump off the birthing table, but the midwife holds me down. She is strong... Will she need all her strength during the birth?

I see somebody else in a plastic apron, face mask and with long gloves walking in. Is that you?

And will there be even more people in the delivery room? All witnessing my agony, hearing my screams, seeing the tears of pain on my face, seeing my face grimacing in pain. Yelling at me to push, push harder, and harder... "Don't stop pushing! PUSH! PUSH-PUSH-PUSH!!!!"

How often will I feel your gloved hands between my legs - and maybe even inside me?

The next contraction is coming... I scream again...

Would you like to be the midwife of the birth doctor in this setting? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

I am lying in the delivery room, helplessly on the birthing table. My legs in the holders, opened wide. The door is open. Everybody can see right between my legs!

People are standing outside the delivery room. I hear them talking. And I realize they will all soon come into the delivery room.. They will all be present during the birth... They will all see me helpless on the delivery table, screaming, kicking, thrashing, pushing, sweating, cursing...

How many people will be necessary when I am on the birthing table? And what are these people talking about? Maybe I hear words like "difficult" and "very painful" and "big head" and "long birth"?

I see the clock... It's nearly two o'clock... What time do you think the birth will be over for me? How much longer will I have to suffer on the birthing table?

Will you leave the door open during the birth? So everybody on the corridor can see me delivering in pain, screaming my head off?

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Oh, the baby's head is big... Very big... The head is crowning. You realize the head is too big for me to push out...

What do you do? Do you let me tear? Or do you take the scissors and cut me?

What do you say? "I need to cut you, this will hurt like hell, but try not to scream!" Or will you not tell me anything, so I suddenly feel the cold metal of the scissors, and then you cut without warning me...

Maybe you are discussing with the midwife whether to cut me or not. Two pairs of hands are feeling, probing, examining.

What do you think will hurt more? When the skin tears when I push the head out? Or when you cut me - without painkillers of course?

Would you like to try this setting? Do you cut me, or do you let me tear? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

I am pushing and pushing... Two people are holding my legs while I am moaning and screaming in pain.

I will never get this baby out, I think. "I want a Caesarean!" I scream. You simply laugh. "Stop complaining and push the baby out!" you tell me.

Or maybe you say: "I am sorry, the baby is stuck. I have to turn it inside you!"

Or maybe you laugh when I scream in pain. "Just imagine how big the pain is when the head comes through! When it tears you! So come on, push again now, PUSH!"

Do you think I can push the baby out without your help? What do you have to do to help me with this birth?

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The head is crowning... Not long now and I will push it out...

I feel the big head inside me. I feel how my skin is stretched. It feels thin like paper! "I will tear!" I scream. What do you answer? "Yes, you will!" or: "Shut up and push!"

Maybe I have been suffering like this for a long time already, feeling the big head inside me, pushing and screaming. But the baby doesn't come out... So you have to stretch me with your hands, open me more. "Yes, this hurts like hell!" you say. "But it's necessary!"

How long now till another loud scream will echo through the delivery room, when finally the head comes out?

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Oh, all these hours of pain and suffering on the birthing bed... The agony, the torture... I scream, louder and louder.

And all the people around me. Holding my legs, telling me to push, to push harder...

You are working between my legs, not caring about my agony. "A birth hurts!" you tell me.

I feel uncomfortable. I am helpless: Lying on my back, my legs in the holders, or the midwives are holding them far apart. My most intimate parts are exposed, everybody can look right between my legs. The bright lamp is shining between my legs. I complain, but you tell me it's necessary. The skin around my pussy burns like fire - is it the light from the lamp? No, you say, it's the baby's head stretching you, tearing you...

I don't want to do this. I don't want to be in this delivery suite, on this birthing table. I want to run away. But that's impossible! I have to endure this unbearable pain now.

How much longer do I have to push and suffer? How many people can hear my screams?

Would you like to roleplay this setting? Do you want me to suffer on your birthing table? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

"NO, NO, NO!!!" I scream. You have to use the forceps...

It hurt like hell when you pushed the cold metal blades inside me. You just laughed when I begged for painkillers. You yelled at me when I thrashed around while you adjusted the forceps inside me.

Orderlies had to hold me down when you opened the forceps. Did you cut me? Or do you try to pull the baby out without an episiotomy? Will I tear?

Now you start pulling... I scream my head off. Again I beg for painkillers. My hands grab the birthing table. This is hell! This hurts so much! I can't do this!

But you are relentless. Again you pull, telling me to push, push, PUSH!

Would you like to delivery my baby with your big, cold forceps? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

How technical and sterile this delivery room looks!

But you know that it is necessary. The birth might be difficult, so a comfortable delivery room is out of the question. You might need all the technical stuff and the instruments in this delivery room.

How uncomfortable the birthing table looks! But I have to lie down there, you tell me, and give birth there.

See how I grab the handle. Oh, the pain! It hurts so much!!!!

I want to take my legs out of the holders, but you are firm, you don't allow that. "Push! Push again! HARDER! PUSH!" you yell.

Again and again my screams echo through the delivery room...

Do you want me to give birth in your technical delivery room? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

At last! The head came out! Oh how I screamed when the head was pushed out of me!

While I am screaming, crying and tearing the sheets with my hands you stay calm. Hundreds of women have already suffered in this delivery room. Maybe they were calm when they were brought in, maybe they were trembling in fear. And they all suffered the same agony on the birthing table. Some screamed, some stayed quiet. I am sure I will scream - a lot!

How do you think I will feel when you bring me into this delivery room? Will I panic? Will I know how much agony will be ahead of me during the coming hours?

Do the birthing women like this delivery room? How will they feel when you ask them to lie down on the birthing table now? To put their legs in the stirrups and open them wide?

Do you think I will care about this delivery room when I am on the birthing table, moaning in pain?

How many hours will I be in here? How long will I suffer on your birthing table?

Do you want me to feel the pain in your delivery room? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

Childbearing on the Mayflower

When after many delays the Mayflower finally sailed on September 16, 1620, there were three pregnant women on boeard: Elizabeth Hopkins and Susanna White, both probably in their seventh month, and Mary Norris Allerton in her second or third. [...] For the passengers that meant six weeks unrelievedly below deck, everybody [...] huddled together in the unlit, poorly ventilated interior. [If during a storm, privacy would have been virtually nonexistent, while should there have been a lull, men and children might presumably have been on deck.

How about this for a roleplay? Me having to give birth below deck, with all the other passengers around me who hear my birthing screams. Maybe there is a doctor on board - maybe he is skilled in childbirth (and maybe he even has his obstetrical instruments with him), maybe he is not.

Just imagine me, lying there below deck, my skirt and underwear removed, my legs wide opened, grunting and sweating in pain. The other passengers - men, women, older and younger - what are they doing? Maybe they cover their ears, because they can't stand my screams of pain. Maybe they are curious and watch, looking directly between my legs. Some are laughing at me: "Stop complaining, every woman has to do this in childbirth! Now don't be such a sissy!" Maybe they are even laughing and enjoying my pain. Am I embarrassed? Or is the pain and the fear so big that I don't even notice?

And what if the birth is very difficult - maybe the baby is very big? What could you as the doctor do in such circumstances? Maybe some of the passengers have to help you to deliver my baby?

Would you like to deliver my baby in such a situation? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

Somebody (my husband, my mother, my sister?) is with me during the birth, and for whatever reason he/she refuses to let me have any painkillers. I am in a boatload of pain - moaning, thrashing about, crying, screaming etc. But he/she says all the time: "No, you will do it naturally! I/my mother/my ex-wife have/has done it this way and so will you!" Basically telling me all the time to suck it up and deal with it.

And all the time you (the doctor/midwife) are telling him/her how painful it will be now, and why not allow the patient some painkillers? Describing in detail why and how much it will hurt (and I can hear these words too, of course!) and that "this will be torture without painkillers." But all the time the answer is: No, no painkillers for her!

Would you like to be my OBGYN / midwife in such a situation? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

It was difficult for Nora, the midwife, not to smile at Bridget's pain. With gloating she grinned at Bridget who was grunting and sweating on the birthing bed. Her screams became louder and louder and with a malicious smile Nora said: "Many, many more hours, mylady... Oh yes, the pain will get even worse!" She was determined to make the birth as painful as possible. Bridget was small, there might be complications anyway. For a minute she left the room to speak to Andrew, Bridget's husband. "Darling, you don't have to wait, it will be a long and difficult birth!" she said and gave him a kiss. Bridget had no idea that her midwife was her husband's lover! Another scream came from the birthing room. "I have to go back, honey," Nora said and smiled. "Oh yes, it will be a difficult birth..."

What do you think about this roleplay? You, the midwife, are my husbands lover. You hate me, you want to make the birth as difficult and painful as possible for me... Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable) if you would like to roleplay this!

Or the other way round: You, my midwife, know that your husband cheated on you with another woman. This other woman became pregnant - this other woman is me... Now it's time for the birth, and you want revenge. Oh yes, this birth will be painful for me, hours and hours of agony, you will see to that! Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable) if you would like to roleplay this!


  The OB said, “Listen to me.. This is gonna hurt, but I have to get the other foot.” I noticed that he now had a long glove on. "This is gonna hurt a lot!" He inserted his hand and much of his arm into my womb, pushed the baby's foot back inside, and groped around for the other foot. Orderlies held me down as I tried to pull his hand out of me. "Stop screaming!" he yelled at me. "I have to deliver this baby now! Lie still! And stop screaming!" Seconds later, I felt the most incredible burning, searing pain as his fist enclosed around two feet passed through my vagina. The “rim of fire” from a crowning head did not compare! I screamed again, yelled at him to pull it out of me. Seconds later I wished I hadn't asked for that. Even more people had to hold me down as he started to pull the body and the even bigger head out...
Can you imagine having your arm deep inside me, trying to get the baby out? Pulling hard, ignoring my pain. All the birth helpers in the delivery room screaming at me to "PUSH HARDER! PUSH! PUSH-PUSH-PUSH!" while your hand is frantically working deep inside me... Admit it: you enjoy to see me suffer! And you have very big hands, the gloves are not only very long, they are also size XXL... Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable) if you would like to roleplay this!


And here's another page with some unusual, "unreal", "hardcore" settings...

An another idea: "Childbirth in the bush in Africa"

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