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Sentences I like to hear during a roleplay

I am lying on the birthing table, thrashing around, screaming in pain, sweating, pushing. Again and again I felt your gloved hands deep inside me. How long until this is over? How many more contractions? How much longer do I have to push?

Do you like this setting? Would you like to know what I would "like" to hear when I am lying on your birthing table?

"The head is coming... the pain will be excrutiating now..."
"Wow... this baby is just gigantic! Now push hard..."
"Nurse, give me the forceps, I need to pull this baby out..."
"No, I need BIGGER forceps..."
"Nurse, get the rotation forceps ready..."
"Painkillers? PAINKILLERS?! Ha-ha-ha!!!"
"Caesarean? What? No, no, you will PUSH your baby out, no matter how much it hurts..."
"Orderlies, hold her down while I begin to pull it out..."
"The placenta is stuck. I have to pull it out with my hands..."
"Your baby is huge. It will hurt like hell to push him out..."
"Stop crying and PUSH!"
"You think you are splitting in two? No, you aren't - but maybe you will tear very badly..."
"I need the vacuum cup to pull your baby out. - Painkillers? No, no painkillers..."
"You think this pain is bad? Just wait until the head begins to crown..."
"This crowning hurts? Ha-ha! Just imagine how much it will hurt when the big head comes through..."
"Yes, the head is out... you think the worst is over now? Ha-ha, in a minute you will begin to push the shoulders out..."
"The shoulder is stuck..."
"The baby is stuck high up in the birth canal. I have to reach in and try to pull it out..."
"Stop screaming and PUSH!!!"
"Yes, I know it hurts like hell. Now PUSH!"
"No, I can't do anything against your pain. All women have to suffer like this on the birthing table... Childbirth is agony! - Now PUSH!"
"Stop thrashing around and PUSH! Or do you want us to tie you down on the birthing table?"
"Yes, childbirth is always painful as hell. Just wait until the big head pops out of your pussy..."
"Oh yes, all women want to run away from the birthing table... They all curse and scream and cry... And it will still be much worse... Now PUSH!"
"Hold her down on the birthing table! This will now hurt like hell..."
"You think it is tearing you open? Orderlies, hold her down while I cut her..."
"You think it is tearing you open? Oh yes, you will tear very badly... Now PUSH!"
"The baby is stuck. You have three choices now: I push the vacuum extractor inside you and pull it out, or I use the big metal forceps to pull it out, or I pull it out with my hands..."
"Open her wide, I need to go in very deep..."
"Nurse, I need the longer gloves..."
"Nurse, give me the shoulder-length gloves..."
"Scream as much as you want to, you have to go through this now... now PUSH!!"
"Yes, it hurts like hell - KEEP PUSHING!!!!"


"Oh, I love to hear them screaming on the birthing table!"

Would you like to say such sentences while I am screaming in your delivery room? Or do you even have other ideas? Email me or message me on Yahoo Messenger (onthebirthingtable)!

I also like it when you tell me before the birth what it will be like. Maybe my knees already tremble when you lead me to the birthing table - I don't like it, I see the stirrups, I want to run away... But I have to lie down on it, and the orderlies prep me for the birth.
Then you come in and tell me what it will be like: "You are nearly fully dilated, that mean you will have to push soon. Bear down as hard as you can, and then push with all your might. No matter how big the pain is, you have to push! The pain will be excrutiating, it will feel as if you are splitting in two. The burning, the ring of fire when the head crowns... But you have to push!! The head will feel so big inside you, you think you will never be able to squeeze it out. But you have to!!! Oh yes, and maybe we have to hold you down on the birthing table when the head comes out. The pain will be so big!! Maybe it will tear you open, or maybe I will cut you. Yes, the next hours will be agony, you will be pushing and pushing and screaming on this birthing table. Childbirth is the biggest pain a woman has to go through... Oh yes, you will beg for painkillers, you will thrash and swear. But no, no painkillers... All women wail and holler and scream in the delivery room, but you too have to do it without painkillers! Now, nurse, give me my gloves, and get the birth team in. - Anne, it's time to push...."

Or maybe you do not tell me what it will be like? Maybe you just let me experience it...? And maybe it will be worse than all the fears I had before I had to go into the delivery room?

Any other ideas and thoughts? Why not post them in the forum?  Or send them via mail to me? In the forum you will also find many other people interested in our fetish. The URL and my email address are on my contact page.
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