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Birth fetish roleplay

Sorry, a couple of "technical" things first.

updated 20. April 2003
I've already read all this - let me go straight to the START

I usually roleplay with Yahoo Messenger. Either just with one person (who usually plays the birth doctor) by sending each other messages. Or I also love to use the "chat" function of the Yahoo Messenger: With this, several people can roleplay together!

However, I am not online very often. Plus, I live in Europe, so there is the time-difference to America - and most people who contact me live in America! So unfortunately there is not often much time or opportunity for a roleplay. So often I love to start with the pushing stage or a few minutes before the pushing starts and just to pretend that many many hours of labour are behind me. I'd love to have a really long birth roleplay, from beginning to end, but often the time is not enough.

But there is a second possibility: We could roleplay by email (my adress is below). So we could send each other emails, and read and answer them whenever we have the time. Okay, this way the roleplay takes much longer - maybe even weeks or months. But: It can also be more detailed! Often on Yahoo Messenger there is only a limited amount of time, maybe one hour or something. But with email we can roleplay as long as we want, no time pressure!

Also my mother language is not English. So please understand if my English is not very good! And of course I lvoe to roleplay in German - that's my language. But English is okay for me too.

Sometimes you can also find me in the chat of the Yahoo Group "TheDeliveryRoom". But usually there is nobody in this chat (I am there all alone! Screaming in pain because my contractions have begun but there is no doctor there to deliver my baby!), which is a pity. :-(

So if you don't see me online (on Messenger or in the chat room) simply send me a offline message or an email.

And one more thing: Sometimes people ask me whether I would like to play a different role. My answer is: No, sorry, I want to be the birthing woman! And I'd like my roleplay partner to be the birthing doctor. Not my husband or simply a nurse... Maybe a midwife, but I prefer a doctor.

Also I find this very strange: Everywhere there are men looking for women to roleplay. There seem to be much more men than women. But despite this, one of my favourite settings only happens much too rarely:

A chat with several people - me as the birthing women, and all the other people play the other roles: A doctor, or two - or maybe three? Midwife or midwives, orderlies, nurses... Yes, I'd love that! But somehow it is so difficult to set up such a roleplay... :-(

Okay, enough of this. Let's talk about the things we could do in our roleplay. Let me show you the things I would like and love - and also the things I would NOT like! If you are interested in roleplaying with me, you can see on the following pages many many ideas! START

updated 20. April 2003

Any other ideas and thoughts? Why not post them in the forum?  Or send them via mail to me? In the forum you will also find many other people interested in our fetish. The URL and my email address are on my contact page.
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